Sunday, December 16, 2012

New York. Don't buy off the ticket street sellers.

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Our first mistake in New York was to purchase tickets off a street vendor.
This lady was lovely. 
Make it known in no way do I blame her.
She just works for a totally corrupt boss.
We are told this 3 day pass works for 3 tour routes, and the buses come every 15 minutes.

Here were go on the first bus.
We wait 1 hour.
We are busting for the bathroom with the cold after sitting on the top freezing.
We manage 3 streets.
We wait another hour and we last 2 more streets.
Remember - this is New York.  The streets are congested. It is Christmas.
Even when the buses come, the traffic really hardly moves.

The night tour is just as useless.
It takes ages to arrive.
It is unbearably cold even though I have brought sleeping bags.
We last 1/2 a tour.
One day we waited over 2 hours for the bus.
Don't believe what they tell you.
We could not even complete 1 loop that was meant to take 1 hour.
I also have a photograph of the man giving me the finger when I tried to resolve issues.

Next bad mistake was to buy a cruise and Empire State Building combo.
This was sold outside the Empire State Building.
It was fogged in. Zero visibility.
So we had to wait two days to come back.
When we did, the cruise and bus that ran to it did not exist.

We did enjoy the foyer of the Empire State Building.

But on the ground, we loved New York.

We loved the window displays.

These laptops made great designs with your face - you could choose from 8 cameras.

Saks 5th Avenue was fun - we loved the kids department.

But the best part of the night was dancing with the Salvation Army in the street.

The next day we went to Central Park.
They had fabulous Christmas Markets.

We walked around just enjoying Central Park as we had seen on the movies so many times.
My son loved the playground, and climbing on the rocks.

We had a fabulous time with the entertainer.

And it was such a great time discovering all the areas of Central Park.

One of the highlights was meeting Dan the Doorman at the Plaza Hotel.
What a fantastic guy.

We headed down to "The Shops" at The Plaza, and had a visit with Santa.

We enjoyed desserts - we were on a budget and this was about as far as the treats would go.

We then had some money we had been given to have a special time.
We used part of it to have a Horse and buggy ride in Central Park.

We then wandered down 5th Avenue and enjoyed free chocolates, apple cider...
...and sensational shop lights.

Here ends another couple of days in New York.
There is a LOT of walking.
Crowds are thick and sometimes it was a bit stressful.
I think the best way to see New York on a budget is to walk.
Don't bother with the bus tours.
And just buy tickets as you need them.

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