Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hershey - land of chocolate - there is a lot to learn

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Tonight we have landed in Hersey.
The streetlights are chocolate drops.
The street we are staying is Chocolate Avenue.
This hotel is $30 night... including breakfast.
It looks better than it is but it is a good deal.

We get lost trying to find the Sweet Lights.
A stranger - a nice lady at the traffic lights tells us to follow her.
She drives around town and we get to the point where they start.
a $20 car feel gets us in - and we get 3D glasses too.

There are lands in Sweet Lights - 5 or 6 I think.

There is a radio station with Christmas music.
There is the 12 days of Christmas and Nursery Rhymes.
The Enchanted Forest;  The Land of Yesteryear etc.
We drive through for maybe 30 - 45 minutes slowly.
Turn your lights to park if you go through.
It was so good we went through 2 X and the repeat time is free.

Next day we head out early to Chocolate World.
This is free.

You take a ride through and as it is off season and early, it is empty.

We learn all about making chocolate, and we do this ride 2X.

We end up going next to the Museum of Hershey.
Here we buy a research kit so my son can do his un-schooling.

It is quite tricky - in fact it takes 3 hours over-all.
The staff help, and you complete a page, and get an award.

We have paid to do the Chocolate Lab.
This is booked out for the day.
It is a Christmas Theme.
Kim who runs it is so sweet and ever so helpful too.

Here we learn how chocolate and cacao grow.
This is a dried pod with the seeds inside.
this is great fun to make our own chocolate, and learn at the same time.
There is so much more to see in Hershey.
You can easily book 2 - 4 days here.
There is also more to do on weekends, but we are mid week.
It was a fantastic day.
We made our own newspaper article, and it was quite inspirational.
The staff at all palaces were incredible. so friendly and nice and made it worthwhile.

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