Friday, December 21, 2012

Driving around the lakes of USA

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Today we have a bit of a quick drive back through the corner of Pennsylvania.
We visit Mazza Winery.
We continue on the coastal back roads, and follow the trail that is green sign posted.

Here you buy tokens to try wines - not free like in Australia.
I used to work in Cellar Door at a Winery, so find this strange.

Just after this we found a great Thrift store.
I didn't keep the name of the store, but told the guy I would add it in.
So if you are reading this blog, let me know and I will pop the name in.
Great antiques and collectables at a bargain price.
We spent 2 hours in this shop - on the left heading towards Geneva area.
As we drive into Geneva, there sits a wagon offering free rides.
Considering we haven't had a lot of fun of late, we really enjoy this.

We get a short ride around town.
The people are lovely, so we offer a nice tip as really this has been a load of fun.
It is a really pretty town.

We love the horses!

We had driven through Geneva-on-the Lake.
We try to find accommodation early and have a break.
We end up heading back 45 minutes drive to try to find a "different" motel.
We find this pine and log feel room.

Alas, the walls are paper thin.
The internet is not working - we paid for Wi-fi.
It is also next to a bar.
Never stay next to a bar.
At 1 am on this Saturday night, I am praying!
On one side they have the pub music, and the room next door is partying on.
On the other side, he is abusing his girlfriend.
As soon as it is light, we are out of here.

The only highlight was meeting some nice people down the road.
Snowman cupcakes were given to my son, and nice country hospitality.

We drive straight through Cleveland.
I decide I need more Amish and we go on a hunt.

We find so many nice places for photographs.
This is Vermillion.

Then, we suddenly drive through Cedar Point.
I have no idea this is water park land - 4 in fact.
We get an awesome deal on a 2 day pass and 1 night stay.

There is a wave/beach pool.
Also a cargo crossing - I attempt this and strain 2 muscles!
I am so unfit - yipes.
My son however gets addicted!

This water bucket goes off every 3 minutes.

There are a load of slides, but we both enjoy these two.

This is a fun pool, with basketball, and climbing objects.
There is way more to do than I show on this blog.
A clean and well staffed watermark. Right in the Resort Motel.

The fire side is glorious.
There are loads of kid activities.
A real family place.

Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Santa all make appearances.
They have games and activities for kids day and night.

This sandman is so cute.
It is located near the games arcade.
We do a Scavenger Hunt and end up there.

I love the Grotto Spa.
It is indoor and outdoor.
This place is over 200 rooms, and only 10 are occupied.
There are more staff than guests.
We meet friendly families - it is really nice.

One of the activities is painting.
You can choose to paint all sorts of things.
We work together on a Bird House.
At lesson for the day?

Then there is decorating Christmas cookies.
There are so many cookies, and only a few families doing this activity.
Kids work with the parents - it is fun!

As we have a pass for the next day, we check in next door for under $40 to the Budget Motel.
Brand new everything in this re-furbished room.
We are the only guests in the Motel.
I recommend anyone going to Castaway Bay to stay here and walk next door.
You save a fortune.

There is also a TGI Friday.
We have Kids Eat Free passes.
They have synchronised lights to music along the lake wharf.
So lovely.
What a great end to a good rest - we feel recharged and ready to go on.

Oh - and right opposite we have a whole street of lovely Christmas lights too.
Merry Christmas to every-one reading this.

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