Monday, December 24, 2012

Back roads of USA are fun in the mid-west

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Today we have yucky weather, but we aim to drive through some little towns.
We out the GPS on 'avoid motorways'.
We have a great map book from a friend, and decide to today is 
"funny names of towns day".
Remember it is freezing, and my son is seven, 
so he refuses to leave the vehicle to help with photographs.
Some are taken through the window of the car.
Our first town is "Assumption".

We drive onto a few really back lane roads.
We find this cute little garage.

Our next town is "Prattville".
We often call people "prats" so we like this one.

Next is "Frontier" - like the wild frontier.
It almost is.

We love this barn.  
It is covered in bicycles and licence plates etc.
There is way more on the fence and in the yard.
I would so have loved to take a peek inside.
We love the unusual.

Next town is "Montgomery".
Not so unusual, but what it is known as is - "Frogeye".

We head in and talk to the post office lady.
She sends us to Camden.
I want Amish again.
These are different style of Amish and are also some Mennonites.
We see wagon surfing for the boys, 
and also kids screaming along on an open seat pulled by a Shetland pony.

We have been told the main street has an Amish Bakery.
We couldn't find that, but we found this one at the side of the farm.
This was like heaven.
We talked with the dad, and then slowly - one by one some of the eleven kids came out.
They do the chores, and the baking. 
They have their own school.  I could see the girls sewing.
The bakery was so cheap, and the food variety was incredible.

We drive off with a box full of food to take for Christmas - smells so good!
We go via more lakes - it is so pretty, and quiet.

We head into a little town I could have stayed at.
It has its own version of 12 days of Christmas in the park.
It has a fab looking Italian Restaurant - I can smell it!

My son enjoys the playground, and then I realise how far we have yet to go.

We drive towards Shipshewana, Indiana.
The wagons are different for the Amish from Pennsylvania.

The ladies wear bonnets and dress with more style.

The visitor centre has free yummy coffee.
It also has Christmas Decorations to make for free.
My son loves this.
He also hears about an Amish Toy store.

We head off and spend 1 hour in an Amish Hardware - it has so much fun stuff.
It has external house decorations.
All the Amish place metal stars on their barns and houses and I want to buy one.
Yeah - I get it!
We then go to Owl Toy Maker - along some Country Lanes again for this.
His workshop - all wooden toys made here -  is next to the house.
My son gets a great tricky box with a spider.  It is fun.
I love the washing all flapping in the breeze,
and the way the trousers are all hung with the big pockets out like elephant ears.

We then go to a Car wreckers as we want to add to our collection of licence plates.
He gives us 4 for free - yeah!
He was so friendly and rings his brother to tell us where to head for a covered bridge.
I love my covered bridges.
We find a little pizza shop and get it for $5 - a good driving snack.

We then find the oldest and longest covered bridge - I think this only for Michigan.
We are weaving in and out of states.
My son likes to pretend he is driving.

Now we head to find a motel in Indiana by the lakes.
But we are sent back to Michigan for the night.
We find a great little motel next to a chain motel for 1/2 the price.
The wi-fi works off the chain motel.
There is a great bar and grille with a fireplace across the road.
We head there and chat to a few nice locals.
I have learnt very few people in the mid-west travel.
Don't bother asking what is to see in the next town.
Or which town there is to go to, to find something to see.
Most take a highway if there need to go some-where.
Or they stay local.
Very few travel.  They are loyal to their area.
My son trying to have his finger in another state from his body!


  1. I have enjoyed your blog so far but have to say as an Indiana resident, a "Hoosier," that we DO love to travel all over Indiana! We love visiting museums and really enjoy camping at State parks all over Indiana. :-) This year my inlaws found an awesome place to camp at Shipshewana that we hope to stay at next year. So glad you visited our fun state!

  2. Glad to hear from you - we loved that back trip - special memories! Hope you keep enjoying our blog!


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