Friday, November 23, 2012

Sedona, Arizona - very relaxing day

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Today we perfect weather.
The snow is melting on the ground and we head for Sedona.
This is through a pine forest, and a lovely windy road.

We take a small hike toward SLide Rock.
But this really is a Summer destination - where you slide on your bottom
in the water and slippery rock.
Not suited for today, so we leave.

The rugged hills are majestic and we stop and savour the view.

We then go on a hike under the bridge.
You can park just before here and head to a small waterfall.
I am still tired, so we just do a small walk.

It is gradual and easy, but starts to really warm up!

We quit early on this and head to Sedona.
The Visitor Information has an outdoor music centre.
My son loves this and we spend quite a bit of time here.
But it does the remains of my head-ache from yesterday no good.
She tells us of a few places to view the vista without charge.

We stop have a small lesson on the native vegetation.

I love the cacti - they are just splendid.

We also had met a lady on our walk who told us about the Rock Cathedral.
It is quite a walk to the top - these car parks are only for the handicapped.

Inside is magnificent.
I am annoyed at the "happy snappers".
This is a place to quietly reflect, and some tourists are a bit crass.
I thank God he has got us safely this far in our journey.
And I have achieved a milestone in my life.

We head out and just sit and enjoy this grand site.
It is quite peaceful, and beautiful.

It is too early to head back to the hotel.
So we decide to drive to Walnut Canyon.
We arrive fairly late in the afternoon and talk to a retired lady 
about to do the hike.
When we go to find the Ranger, we discover she has paid for us.
Gee that was so nice of her!
We find her and walk with her on the steep decent.

Here Hopi Indians lived under the rock ledges.

gain, this is such a lesson for my son.
He learns so much, and this older lady stops and teaches him things.

He thoroughly enjoyed this - it is a steep walk, so please be fit.
But it is a great experience in history.
And in what people have endured in the past.

I love this picture below.
Imagine this as the view from your front patio.

You can just see the houses in the ledges below.
What a tough life the Hopi Indians had.

We end a great day with dinner at Oregono's.
Our Couch-surfing friends had told us this is a "must-do".
We had no idea it was literally around the corner from where we were staying.
It is a great fit-out.
They give the kids pizza dough to play with.
We really have a fun art and craft time here together.
We are in no rush.
I can take time to play with my son.

They have fabulous pizza.
At the end of the night we have a pizza dessert.
It is a giant cookie and ice-cream.
We really feel good after today.
More hiking tomorrow - we have decided to stay on.
This travelling life is starting to agree with us both.

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