Friday, November 23, 2012

Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff Arizona

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Today was a pretty bad day for me.
I kind of hit bottom.
Past the three month mark and just went flat.
I had washing all done by hand in the bathtub.
I had a rotten head-ache.
Home-schooling was a war.
It was so cold my hands, and skin were so dry, and we both had cracked bleeding lips
from the snow and cold.
I was over eating food I made in the hotel room.

So we took a day off, and just caught up a bit.
By night I felt a bit better.
But it was like my brain was not functioning with the headache.

I decided if I couldn't home-school without a fight, then I would stop being the teacher
and let the trip teach my son.

So we had discount tickets for Lowell Observatory.
We grabbed our coats and took off.
It was not well sign-posted, and quite up the hills from town.
We were fortunate as we had no idea it was not open every night,
and this night it was.

I had forgotten the gloves and it was freezing.
I thought we were just inside the building - wrong!!

First we saw a chunk of meteor from Meteor Crater - and we loved that.

Then we went into the 3D room.
All the displays come alive with the glasses.
We had a great time in here.

We both loved these displays.

We then headed to the museum area.
There are a few interactive displays.
Looking in here, you can see how they discovered Pluto in 1930.
Right here at Lowell Conservatory.

We then headed out to the cold.
We were able to see galaxies with this smaller telescope.

We then saw Uranus with this large one (pictured below).
I was unable to photograph as there is dim lighting so your eyes become
accustomed to the dark, and can see easier.
We both learn quite a bit this day.
I felt that this trip can teach my son things I struggle to do.
As they say "un-schooling".
For anyone reading this blog and travelling with children, please don't push the schooling.
After a few months you will find it starts to roll into place.
My son even asked to do "Maths" today.
They will get there. And it will save you one big headache!

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