Monday, November 5, 2012

Having fun with my seven year old at SeaWorld, San Diego

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We have a pass to SeaWorld as part of our City Pass we purchased for Disneyland.
I am glad as park entry is about $140 for the two of us otherwise.
Parking is $15 which I do have to pay for.
You have to pay $20 if you park closer.
Also RV's are more expensive to park if you have one.
There are a few rides to go on, but my son has asked this be an education day.

As head first to go and pat the dolphins.
They have an instructor there who educates us on them.
One splashes my son, and the water really is stinky.
They do have great wash bays, but he is going to smell for the rest of the day!

We head to Sharmu, the whale area and have a lesson on whales.

The we go to the pools to feel star-fish.
The different colours are amazing.
They feel like touching a rock.

We go and talk to the turtles.
We spent quite a bit of time here.

They have a great free sky-ride over the bay and back.
I am amazed as my son loves it.  Fear is gone.
We go two times!

We then go to watch a really funny show with seals etc.
I liked this the best.

You can buy fish for $6 and feed the seals.
However we just watch, as we do note if you are not quick,
you will be feeding seagulls at $6.
Again we are splashed and are getting smellier by the hour.

There is a great show on at 1.00pm.
We use this time to sit and to have a late lunch.

It is quite spectacular and has acrobatics and a lot to see.
Lots of dolphins doing tricks etc.

I am then amazed my son wants to go on the revolving Sky Tower.
We would have done this two times, but the line was long.
It is a great way to see San Diego.

Now my son has decided it is time I have some fun with him.
He chooses the climbing nets.

It really is not fun for me!
In fact it is a killer on the feet, and I am worried I am going to break my shoes.

He then heads for the netty tunnels.
Mid this tunnel, my 50 year old knees have had enough.
My backpack is getting stuck.
I quit!
I have noticed he is wanting more "fun" things with me.
He has become more clingy since the Disneyland trauma.
It seems to be when we are alone and out.
It is loving but at times having a seven year old land on top of you
can be really tiring, and sometimes it just plain ol' hurts.
I think I am heading for needing some time on my own.
I have no idea how?

We watch the Sharmu show.
Do not sit anywhere near the front or you will get soaked.
It cracks me up as I watch a lady with a plastic poncho.
She carries it.  Not wears it.
Everywhere she moves the whales soak her.
As she runs away, the next whale does the same.
It was so funny!
I feel sorry for the Japanese as they have no idea and they get upset.

We then head to the Aquariums.
We love this big magnifying glass to find fish.
We do some un-schooling here.
I set tasks of certain things he has to find, including different types of fish.
This is easy as there are display boards with pictures.

We head back for a lovely dinner at the Armenian Restaurant next to where we are staying.
We become friends with a family and the boys play.
They give me lots of travel tips and I really enjoy the adult company.
The boys are shy of the belly dancer, as they tip her to dance.
It was a great night, and the end to a great day.
We have to move hotels tomorrow as there is a festival in Carlsbad.
Carlsbad is a beautiful place to stay.
We stayed at the Surf Motel on Carlsbad Blvd.
I recommend it.  

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