Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great day trip to Oxnard and Santa Barbara Mission

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Our Couch-surfing hosts tell us we should visit Santa Barbara.
So in my usual way of loving the coast we turn off the freeway way too soon.
We spend a good couple of hours enjoying the fog of Malibu.
then we find Oxnard.
I love this little town and we get out and wander around.

We would have stopped for coffee, but the lady running the store seems like she is having a bad morning so we press on.

We really love the marina.
I would love to come back and spend a weekend here.

We find this cute island and jetty, but we have trouble finding the road there.
We did find this dead end - it went straight into the sea!

We head into Santa Barbara. 
We find the Visitor Centre and the lady gives us some great advice.
We get lost and finally find the mission.

It is a perfect day!

There are not too many people around so we get to do a slow tour.

My son knows today is a school day.
We treat this as a learning time and he is really interested.
As all the Californian kids have to study missions in Year 4,
these plces have a lot for children to learn.

I love the cactus garden, and we study as we walk.
If you are un-schooling, going to places like this is ideal.
It is only a few dollars each to get in too.

The cemetary garden is really interesting to me.
Creepy to my son.

We do a jigsaw California and the mission areas.
Then we find this interactive board.
It lights up and shows who founded what missions.
There were actually only 3 founding padres.

We do a rubbing picture of the mission.
We spend time together and make this a bit of an art time.

We end with a bit of fun!

We have passed a wooden fort and a playground.
So he gets his energy out here.

We end up taking a walk along the pier.
We tried to rent bikes which are opposite.
But the minimum is two hours and we are out of time.

This lighthouse is now a restaurant.
There are some gorgeous things to see.
We drive around the old town.
I really would love to spend a few days around this area.
We drive home and get caught up on the freeway for nearly 3 hours.
Tip - always go to the toilet before you leave a town.

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