Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disneyland California Adventure Park to see Christmas

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This is our last day with the hire car.
So we head out in the morning and run a few errands.
We had posting to organise.
We had finally collected our Winter clothes parcel we had sent over on Sunday
On the way home at the supermarket we met a Polish family.
He had lost his job.
We instant went through and gave them some of the Winter clothes and some shoes, funds and other items we could spare. I really felt for them.
One thing I have learnt with travel is to be content with what we have.
And what we do not need to give away to those in need.
My son watched them, then went to his wallet and gave them some of his pocket money.
It was cute to see the little boy wearing my sons gloves.

We went home and sorted out more clothes we didn't need.
We end up finding a lady and her son in the Target car park.
We asked her if she wants our spare clothes we can't take with us.
She had an old car, and was really pleased to accept.
I have found if you look for people in need they are there.

So we drive to Disney - it takes over 2 hours as I missed a turn.
We have a car park pass from where we stayed last time, so that was great.

We also have a 6 hour twilight pass to use up.
We were given this last time we were here from a kind lady.
We had missed the deadline with our City Pass, so this was great.

As soon as we are in, my son races to Carsland.
This is not the greatest photo - we are relying on others to use our camera.
But the snow car is cute.

The Christmas decorations are imaginative and fun.

Check out this tyre Christmas tree.
We ride the tractors - this is my sons favourite ride by miles.

We head down towards the Cars ride.
I love the hub-cap tree and the air filter wreaths.

We line up for about 1.5 hours for this ride.
We are told this is quiet??!!

Finally we are in.
Last time it was like pulling teeth to get my son on the ride due to his fears.
This time he is in the front and excited - and I am so pleased!

We race and scream.
Not the flashest photo by any means!

My son wants dinner at Flo's cafe.
I am impressed they have vegetables on the menu so we order.
It really is more a snack size but fills a hole for now and has some nutrition.
If you get a chance, wander through the various rooms.
The decor is unreal.
they have a great ceiling light fitting made of rear tail lights too.

Last time we are here my son is invited into the DJ street show.
So we stand in the same spot.
YES! The same lady selects him again and off he goes for a dance.
He gets to use the bubble machine and is strangely shy.

Night comes early in California.
It is 5 pm and dark.
So the Christmas decorations are glorious.

Mater is talking back, so my son gets a bit coy with it all.
He is having more fun with the camera guy.

I wish this picture was better.
It is the most glorious sight.

We just make the parade, and there is bubble machines in the street lights.

It is a load of fun and there are hardly any kids.
So there are a lot of bubbles to pop.

This bug from Bugs Life is having real fun with us.
He jumps around and poses for the picture without my son knowing.
There are a load of characters. It is a great parade.

We head to Soaring over California.
There is a bomb scare with a deserted knapsack at one of the nearby restaurants, 
so we stand in the street freezing for a while.
We finally get into Soaring over California.
This took a lot of talking into as my son was afraid.
Ala, my seat belt clipped on too tight.
It was so painful but it was locked in and no-one came back even when we were yelling for help.
So I was in the seat in pain the whole time.
But it is a great ride.
We really loved it.

We ended the night with a chat with Santa.
He was so good.
He made all the right comments.
He even knew we were traveling and needed small gifts - how amazing!

We won't be back to Disneyland in a while.
We really enjoyed it.
It was a lovely end to California.

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