Friday, November 2, 2012

California Adventure Park Anaheim is awesome !!

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Day 2
 Of Disney, and we decide to try CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE PARK.
We sleep in, and arrive at 9.30 am.
We queue for over 1/2 hour for the Fast Pass to Cars.
Tip - Do this for sure - it sells out pretty early.
We re scheduled for 2 - 3 pm.
So, priority one for a seven year old in the whole park,
is of course CARS LAND!

We hop on the tractor spinning ride right at the front.
He is SO excited.
It is quite fun.

Alas, I have a bad headache, so we head to Flo's 
for a strong coffee and 2 Tylenol.
The lady at the door is super cute.
This is the place to head to early if you want a coffee or snack.
I admit, I am just about hyper-ventilating. 
And I am 'the mother'.
Fir a mega Cars fan, this place is paradise!

We have to race off from Flo's, after I barely had a sip of coffee,
as Lightning McQueen is across the street.
He talks and moves his eyes!
Also - each store gives away a Cars badge if you answer a correct question.
You can see my son is a fan - and he is quickly racing around for badges.

We go to the town square and there is Red.
Larger than life.

The stores are great.  Top merchandise for any Cars fan.
Alas we have decided the budget is kicking in.
So we look - don't buy.
Seriously - it is a killer - even for me!

Next is the Tire (Tyre) Ride.
Some people think it is a lame ride.
You have to lean to make it move so it is slow.
but we still had a great time.

We have a snack at $10 and a drink at $13 - but hey, it comes in a cone.
How in the world I am going to get that back to Australia I know not.

Amidst food and drink, we hear the voice of Mater.
So we tear off for the photo line.
Disney are great.  
The guys who take the professional pics are happy to be handed your camera.

Alas, my son is still scared from Disneyland.
So we have to take a few tame rides.
We head to BugsLand to boost his courage.
We ride the Bugs and it is fun.

He has a hissy fit over the Bug train.
I am worried, but we talk him into it.
We end up riding a very tame train 2X, but it is great.
All the items in BugsLand are giant.
As he is collecting pics for his Big Thinks Blog, we find a lot.

Next we go to Up.
Here the kids have to get a map and work their way around.
It is not a ride, so many parents dismiss it.
But it is a favourite for us.
You learn to find and do.
And you earn a 'Senior Wilderness Explorer" badge at the end.

It is time for our ride at Cars.
This is the number one ride in all of Disney right now.
there are a few dark bits where I have to hide my son.
The end is a race and it is thrilling.
We have one day yet to return to Disney, and it will be for this.

We head back to the Ramada for a swim and spa in the afternoon.
A great way to rest our weary bodies.
By late afternoon we are back to explore.
Many rides, my son refuses to go on.
Thanks to the 'Disneyland fear factor'.
We wander around the park.
Carsland is lit up, and is gorgeous!

We hear the DJ from Cars will soon do a street show.
My son is ecstatic as he is invited into the show.
Not once - but 4 times!

I am so tired and want to go home.
I am the mother, and I am having a whinge about my weary aching legs.
But it is nearly time for the light show.

The World Of Color is amazing.
lease.  If you go, make sure you stay for this.
You can also get a Fast Pass.  But ensure you stand in the dry areas.
Tip: Buy a City Pass - It gives you three days and also Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

We both LOVE the ending.
My son says "it is the best day EVER!"
It really has been a fabulous day!

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