Friday, November 23, 2012

Bearizona and Meteor Crater - oh and Winslow Arizona

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This is our last day in the Flagstaff Region.
We have been here nearly a week.
Today we head to Bearizona.
I get a $5 off voucher on-line and reception print it out for me.

It is a drive-though park.
They give you a great talking GPS that is activated as you drive.
They have a fabulous selection of North American animals.
It really is a great hidden secret.
Please, if you come this way, do go visit - we loved it!

The animals are free to roam and seem well loved.
A lot are rescued and donated.

Of course the brown and black bears are our favourites.
We sit and watch them from the car with awe.
Now all thiese pictures above are taken through the car window, so not perfect.

You then park your car and go to the walk through section.
I loved Justin Beaver.  Thought that was so funny.
So many animals to see.
Also a huge group of baby and smaller bears.
My son adores their antics.

He spent about 3/4 hour here.
It really is another education day.

There are also 3 bird shows a day.
You sit and learn so much about these too.
This one is flying straight at me - back and forth.
Within 3-6 inches of my head at most.

My son enjoys the displays and is really happy today.

We head back to the hotel for lunch in the room - Vegemite sandwiches!

We then head off the opposite way to Meteor Crater.
The lady was almost a put off at the front reception.
But we go in anyway.
Another place our Couch-surfing friends told us we must see.
This is where the astronauts for Apollo 11 trained for the moon.

My son and the Latino Guide 'click'.
Here is another piece of meteor, like we had seen a couple of days ago.

We decide to take the Meteor Rim hike.
It is one hour long.
As we walk and talk with the guide, we learn so much.

Don't mind the fashion in these pics, it is windy here in this part of the desert.
We meet some German travellers and have a nice chat.

We head to Winslow and here are our German travellers again.
So we swap cameras.
They have never head of the Eagles song.
So I am singing it.

We find the Red Flat Bed truck, which I thought was funny!

We sang, ran, and had such a good time.

As we head home we find the Twin Arrows of Route 66.
We park mid two way traffic on a back road.
Much to the amusement of the Highway Patrol.
Please o spend a week in this area if you get a chance.
It is awesome - we have really had a fabulous time - I do NOT want to go.

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