Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Australians enjoying Thanksgiving in USA

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Today is Thanksgiving.
We are sharing the meal with friends of our Couch-surfing hosts.

We arrive and are greeted with a turkey dip.
Not sure if you can see the vegetables in the shape of a turkey?

We sit down and we all give thanks for something.
I am very thankful for this trip.
for being so much freer.
For feeling like I am living life again.
For new friends.
For my son.
We are read a great poem before the meal begins.

The table is long - it goes through two rooms.
Our host is a great cook and there are lots of yummy treats.

She is also a Pinterest fan.
So she has made Indian and pilgrim hats for the kids.

Here we all are - having a great night.

We are full to the max with turkey, mash and gravy and all the vegetables.
And of course some fabulous desserts.
The kids are entertaining us.
They are all dancing at the end.
It has been a lovely Thanksgiving Day.

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