Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Australian kid is in awe in Las Vegas - Day 1 and 2

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Today we venture out onto The Strip of Las Vegas.
Now many would say Vegas is not a city to take a child to.
My answer to that is 'yes and no'.
If you are a wise parent, it is full of awe.  But make no mistake.
There are areas you need to protect and avoid.
Firstly, we are staying in a hotel ON The Strip.
Smack bang in the middle of "Sin City".
So we have selected a Casino chain we stayed at before.
Firstly because it is clean, and it is inexpensive.
But also because I have checked out on entry, that we can use either the car park entry, 
or the lobby door area to access The Strip without dragging him through the Casino.  
This is great for day, however is different at night, 
as it has a small lane area besides MacDonald's I don't want to use at night.
We take a walk and view the outside of Casinos.
All trying to entice you to stay or gamble.
I am a bit shocked.  My son wants to save Paris for the 'real Paris'
and has no interest to take the elevator to the top of the tower.
He is like this with a couple of the mini version places.

We wander into The Bellagio.
We had asked the doorman if there was anything interesting inside for kids, and he said "no".
They need a better doorman, as we loved it and spent two hours in there.
Firstly there is an incredible display for Autumn / Fall to the left.
I really just have too many photo's to load, but it is all real flowers and vegetables.
Then there is the glass flower ceiling in the entry.  Beautiful!

Next we head behind the lobby area to the "Living Garden".
Here this tree talks.  A definite favourite for all of Vegas.

This is a fresh flower picture to look like a Monet.

The water arches are fun, and these go into a magical garden.
There is a water wheel, and many, many other displays.

We head to the left rear section and find this incredible chocolate fountain.
It actually starts way above in a glass room.
They make incredible cakes and wonderful crepes.
However, we settle on a massive ice-cream with a white chocolate cone.

After this we head to The Cosmopolitan.
This is pretty new and we have been told the main area is glass.
We ride the glass tube lift up 3 floors.

Here I am accosted by a sales-woman in one of the stores.
She informs me she has can make me look 20 years younger.
She puts various creams - one in particular she says I will only use once a month
and my lines will disappear!
Well my face does tighten, and my eyes start to water.
She heads off to find some more magical ingredients to transform me, 
and I tell my son to say he has to go to the bathroom when she gets back.
She has over $500 worth of creams lined up.
My face is so tight - but the wrinkles look less.
We head for the bathroom, and escape via the back of the glass curtain.
To fill you in, this stuff was like a putty mask.
By lunch time my son informs me my face is peeling!
I had sore eyes from where it seeped in the corners.
It must work though, as some guy next to us at lunch asked me out and was all of 20 years old. 
"I think that would make me a Cougar" I laugh at him.

We head off after lunch to see the Harley Davidson store.
It has this massive bike at the front and is a great display.

Inside is this flag - it is made of chain.
you will note the motorbikes that travel around on an aerial conveyor.

Now we do find there are quite a few beggars, and also guys handing our cards for girls.
There are also a myriad of people in costume who will pose with you for a tip.
The problem with this is that some think they are actors.
And some costumes are scary.  They seem to have regular spots.
So we learnt which overpasses and walkways to avoid.
We take the overpass to Caesar's Palace.
This is a sister hotel in the chain we are using.
We are able to use their pool, but when we head here it is too cold today.

So we head inside.  There are great characters walking around in costume.
This is all part of learning.
My son is learning a lot about countries and history I find.

We head to a show they have on King Nepture in the Shopping arcade.
This arcade is quite large.
The show has lights, fire and moving characters.
We do leave this - the fire is hot and it is too loud and a bit scary. 

Right behind this though is an awesome aquarium.
Seriously, this sting ray was going for my son.
I have several pictures where he was straight at him!
Great fish.  We spent quite a while here.

We then head to the Venitian.
This was a bit of a rough start.
There is a lot going on out the front and as we watched,
I was bombed from above into my hair and on my clothes by a pigeon.
So we took quite a while to wash us - I was not happy!
Inside are several entertaining areas.
Being seven, my son gets a kick from trying to get this guy to move.

After Disneyland, we have had an ongoing battle with fears.
Fears has escalated and include anything new, scary, or dark.
So at first, he doesn't even want to go the area where the Gondolas are inside.
But when he sees them, he begs for me to go on them.
They are $16 each for $10, and if it is busy you share.
Or you pay more to get your own.
We were just there when it was not busy and had our own anyway.
You get a couple of songs from the 'driver', and most you will find are Italian.
They will sing romantic or fun - depending on who they have.
You will note the inside one goes further, and you get the Christmas decorations.

And of course you get to go under the walkways.
But - you have to wear a seat belt - in all 3 feet of water.
And you can't change sides once you are in.
So set yourselves up first.
they also don't allow anyone except their photographers to take pictures
when you get on, so we get no photo together.
We could if we wanted to pay another $25.
A note on that.  
If you are travelling - it is very hard to keep these flat and unwrinkled.
In my opinion, not a wise investment.

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