Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Last days at Savusavua

The last two days at Savusavu have been wonderful.

The last couple of weeks we have made friends with Dave and Aiofe from Ireland.
Dave is training for a triathlon in Canada, and is super fit.
So he kindly takes my son out so I can catch up on last minute emails and computer work.
First it is snorkeling.  They set off as he and his wife cycle down the road - with him on the back of the bike.
The next day he teaches him to kayak - both in separate kayaks too.
Seems it was a great lesson and a load of fun.
They also do some fishing.

I head off after cleaning up the house for a massage at T&M Beauty.  
There Teli gives me an hour long strong deep tissue massage for all of $22 AU of $40 FJ - a total bargain and she is just great.  
I highly recommend her if you ever go to Savusavu. 
Opposite the Waitui Marina.

One of the hardest good-byes is to the kids next door.
They have no parents and we have helped them a lot with clothes,
 and paying their school fees so they can stay in school.
Their mother deserted them after their father died.
We have really grown to love these two, and my son has played there after school every day.

We head down the road on the last night as we go to town, and have farewell drinks with our friends at the Copra shed - one of our favourite places.
As we walk, the Fijians are leading home a bull. 
They jokingly pass me the rope, and he takes off!

We say good-bye to Carrie, Owen, Tamsyn and Griffin.
This family have been living on a yacht and sailing around the world for 2 years.  
they have been in Savusavu the whole time we were there.
I really enjoyed Carrie's friendship.
The kids did school and home-schooling together too.

Next to say good-bye to were the Indian family on the other side of us.
This kind lady made roti every day for my son to take to school.
They made us an Indian dinner on our last night.
We will miss them too.

This is Aoife from Ireland - they are house-sitting their way around the world.
Dave and Aoife have been wonderful, and we will miss them too.

As we watch the sunset - it is a perfect end to our stay in Savusavu, Fiji.

Next day we fly out over the islands.
This is the tip of where our road ends where we have lived the past 6 weeks.

It is raining and our little plane takes us back to the main island.
My son is ill - he seems not to travel too well.  
I have learnt that he is better sleeping when not well.
the whole plane was thankful when that happened!

We have two days left on the main island - we hope to get a hire car and drive around and explore when we arrive.

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