Friday, October 19, 2012

International travel using Couch-surfing. Honolulu, Hawaii

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We have been in Honolulu a week when we get an invitation to stay with a family.
This is the first time I have "Couch-surfed" and I am nervous.

My host collects us from where we were staying in Manoa and we head out to lunch and then to Waikiki.
First stop is the free military museum and the boys get along well.  Their son is 4 and mine is 7.

We head to the pool, and then later her husband joins us.
We go for a walk along the beach and streets of Waikiki, and get a local perspective on the good places to go and see.

I love the way the shopping strip is so pretty at night.

Our boys are so relaxed, they start to dance to the music!

It is cute to see my son acting like a bit of a big brother!

We head to the beach to see the fireworks.  It is a great day so far!

We have a great night at their place and settle in well.  
Next day we are able to use the pool where they live.  
My son plays with a cute Hawaiian boy in the pool.
It was the most relaxing day I have had on the trip so far.
The water was warm, and I spent a heap of time with my son doing tricks in the pool.

That night I am pleased to hear him read well to his friend.

The next day they me to where I can learn to Paddle-board.
It is trickier than it looks - but I don't fall off!

Our weekend ends with the boys having time together with a movie and pizza night.
The girls head out for a wine-tasting and "pupu" which is platters of finger food - and totally yummy.
My host mimics my accent well and we have a great time!

We will meet again in a week when we are back from Kauai.
I think we have made a great new friendship.
So far I can recommend Couch-surfng and we will be doing it again in another 2 weeks elsewhere.

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  1. We absolutely LOVED having you! Can't wait to catch up with you down the road a bit...


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