Monday, October 15, 2012

Having fun in Hawaii with a seven year old

We have been in Honolulu a few days now.
Life is VERY different than lay-back Fiji.  Here it is go-go-go.
I am trying to stick to the tourist agenda and fit it all in and struggling.
A good way to get around is the 'pink line' trolley car for $2 a person.  Other lines that go further are up to $40 so do the research if you come.
If I had my time again, I would probably do either the trolley car or the double-decker sight-seeing bus to get my bearings, and this is what I will do on day one when we get to the next big city.
Meanwhile we love riding the trolley car as it is open sided so you can take photographs and see all the sights.

We walk down the beach on our way to the aquarium.  
My son has a mission from a class-mate back in Adelaide to find a sea-horse, so we wander along Waikiki after we get off the trolley car.  
Today is hot!

We get to the aquarium.  It is quite small but the price is good and we have managed to get a coupon for discount entry.  
There are stands all through town on the shopping rows with all sorts of tourism magazines.  
Grab one of each if you come here.  
Forget the novel - this will become your bed-time reading.  
You can save quite a bit and read on all there is to see!
Anyway - we head in and find the sea-horses - it was great to have a mission!

We then check out the tanks of colored fish.  
They give you an audio handset and so it is a great time of learning!
The good think with travelling with a child is, that I as a parent am learning so much too.

This is the first hotel of Waikiki and is just gorgeous!

Truly I am tired and I need a good coffee.  
Kona coffee is lovely!  
So is the less famous Honolulu coffee I enjoyed here at this grand hotel!
We have even seen it growing on the bushes out in the country-side when we went to the Dole Plantation the other day, so a little more real to enjoy a cup here.
Mind you I had to order 3 times - the lady couldn't understand my accent!

I have had a coffee, so my son needs a kids drink, so we head off to Burger King - Hungry Jacks to the Aussies.  They make the thick shakes individually and my son says it is the best he has ever had in his life to the lady, and she beams!

We head back through the gorgeous shopping strips.
People walk pass designer stores with surf-boards, or in their bikini's.  
It is lay back for sure.

We decide to go to Bubba Gumps for lunch.
This is in the Ala Moana open air shopping centre.
It is set up well for the tourist, and I have showed my son bits of the movie the night before so he knows some of the funny stuff.

It is done well - the drinks menu is a table tennis paddle bat.

But more so, the shrimp was absolutely amazing.
I had the greatest food, and loved the way my sons food came in a boat he could take home.
We also received a take home glass which was well worth it too.
I recommend coming here to anyone visiting Hawaii as a 'must-do'.

The end of the day - and we have had a nice swim in the pool, and a spa.
We wander back to catch the bus back to our accommodation.
We have had a great time so far - and there is a stack more to see tomorrow.

A tip if you are travelling with a child.  
Try to end the afternoon activity by about 4 pm.  
Even if it is a bun-fight to do so.  
By the time you walk and take transport back to your hotel, they are tired and I have found any later there can be tears. 
Especially if some-thing goes wrong, or you get the wrong bus etc.!
Or as the case may be this day - we were told hat our bus also came to a place it never did  and wasted an hour and only got back in the dark.
Don't always believe what people tell you - this info was offered to us and we never asked - and 2 people agreed as well - and it was wrong.  
Go with your gut feel when travelling as a parent. 
And keep on asking if you are told new information.
Time for an early bed tonight!

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