Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Faces of Tacilevu - Fiji

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Here are a few faces of our new friends we got to know in Tacilevu.

I only have a basic little camera, but I love some of these shots.

Also am quite proud that my seven year old son has learnt to crop these pictures,
and says he might want to become a professional photographer,
and show the rest of the world what other people live like!

I love this shot!

Super quiet, but every time I turned, she was there.

She really practiced her modelling for this shot.

This little girl is always so happy.

A little cutie.

She has natural poise and beauty ...

...and stunning eyes!

My 2 friends followed me everywhere 
- and asked for their photo to be taken.

A couple of the Mums asked if we could take their photo.

She had rotten teeth and wanted to hide them.  But she had saucer eyes.

Thumbs up when we handed out balloons!

He was a little shy.

What a smile!

This lady had the most gorgeous lips,
and looked like a young Whoopi Goldberg.

She "loved" her new dress.

Looking manly!

How to put the baby to sleep - sunnies!

Watching us leave.

More kids looking out the window as we drive off.

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