Sunday, September 2, 2012

First thoughts of my loneliness as I travel with my son

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Tonight we head down to the local Marina – the taxi ride costs $3AU.

We first visit ‘Big Foot’, which is a foot shaped island where the bridge connects one of the ‘toes’ to the mainland.
Wandering through the gardens of First Landing, we find ourselves entering the back of the marina, which is surprisingly packed with boats from borderline scrap, to million dollar cruisers and ‘yachties’ who are sailing from ports all over the world.

We are invited on board one of the 3 remaining fleet of ‘Waka’ – a type of Pacific Island wooden carved boat, and we have a quick lesson and tour, and take a few photos with the captain of one boat, who embraces me for a happy snap. 

These three are named respectively: Hane Moana (name of NZ female Maori), Marnmara-Ahia, and Ufo Ni Alo, and are part of the Pacific Voyagers fleet who have sailed the Pacific to USA and just returned, doing some wonderful work - such as freeing a turtle who had swallowed half a plastic bag; collecting sea garbage like tyres, bags, ropes and nets that injure the wild-life. 
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We then head up to the Sunset Bar, seriously just as the sun is setting! 
We grab a snack and drink from the bar, and for a second I watch the crowd and feel lonely. 
I remind myself I will have lonely times all through life, and I was lonely at home. 
Within ½ hour we join our friends that arrive from the resort with their kids, as the boat crew dance and perform. 
The captain spies me and pulls me up to join the dance, and I have the time of my life.
(Sorry, my 7 year old took this pic and I must teach him to move his finger off the lens).
I realise within a short time frame, I went from feeling lonely to having the greatest time!
Four kids all cram in the back boot of the taxi wagon, and four adults and a sleeping child occupy the small seats in the tax cab, as we head back to the resort over the bumpy dirt back track.

Our friends head back to Australia, and we soon will head on to new places in Fiji.

It is a great end to the day. 
Glad that loneliness took a hike:)


  1. Someone ended up having a ball!

    Carina & Chris xx

  2. I sooooooooooo love the 'Foot island'!
    You're not alone, people will come to you, you just had a little bit of time alone and then, laughter and excitement! I'm already jealous! Wish I was there too! x


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