Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Final Night Fire Dancers

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On our last day at our resort, we wake to a sign that tonight is a celebration.
We quickly book a dinner table with a good view of the show.

A Fijian is up the tree (you can just see him), and throws down a dozen coconuts, and we get to have a drink each.

My son enjoys a swim. Alas, someone I knew, had promised to sort out our next few nights accommodation, I had been promised months ago, but it seems clear it was not going to eventuate. Instead of a swim for me, I sit by the pool with a drink, and Google a myriad of accommodation sites to try to plan some-where to stay.
It is too late to email, so at $2FJ a phone call, and I make many, I finally negotiate a deal for Pacific Harbour in the hope we can go inland the next day.

I book 2 nights but run out of time to book Suva, where we need a night before we head on our 14 hour ferryboat ride. 

The show is about to start, and I am still on the lap-top 4 hours from when I began – I have to get better at this – and I need websites where I can search accommodation for 2 but be able to specify one is a child. I also need budget sites. I have a 10 year old Lonely Planet guide, that finally had saved the day.

So most people are half way through their dinner. 
The tables are all decorated, and the pillars are wrapped in platted palm leaves. 
I haven’t even looked up. 
People are sitting around the Kava bowl, and after being given a lovely floral neck-lace each, my son literally drags me up laughing, and insists I drink the horrid muddy Kava water. 

The show starts and next the chief drags him up. I am deep in concentration, eating my dinner and look up and ask “what’s he doing there”? 

I thought he had plonked himself in the show! 
But I find out the chief had selected him as the only person to join in.
The actions are fast, and he is concentrating hard, and does well.
I am proud of him learning the actions. 


There is fire throwing, dancing, the conga-line, limbo and a lot of fun.

We are all up having a great time. My son does well at the limbo.

He and the chief get along well.

What a awesome ending to our resort stay – it really was a perfect night!

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