Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome to South Asia – I mean the South Pacific?

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Our first day is getting ourselves stocked up with supplies, so we head on the shuttle bus to town. We buy up some basic snacks and drinks, and take ourselves to the DVD shop. For AU $1.50 each, we buy about 10 movies, and a few 4 to 6 movie sets for $3 – not always the best quality, but needed for rainy nights with no TV etc.

Discovering I had to transfer our money to an accessible ATM account, we head to an Internet Café, where for 25 cents I use the computer. Hot and tired, we go to take the bus back, only to be stuck in a Hare Rama, Hare Krishna Street Festival which is so noisy, it is kind of freaking my son out.

So we try to go and hide in a shop, but as the celebrators are mostly on foot, it is still going by an hour later.
The atmosphere feels more like we are stuck in Southern Asia than the Southern Pacific. 

There is no chance of a bus, so as we are clued up to the costs of taxis, we haggle the price down by 2/3rd of his asking price and jump in. 
Alas we join the back of the festival procession and sit, and listen to a plethora of Indian cussing from our driver, with the odd English swear word thrown in. 

There is only one road out of town, and there is no escape. We hear his views on their faith, and we decide it is time for a random act of kindness, and we give the driver a roll packet - a refreshing towelette flannel of which he has never seen before. They are a cool, moist cloth, and have essential oil, and he about all but gives himself a bath waiting. 
It also seems to have washed away his swearing!

It is near dinner by the time we get to the hotel.
My son jumps in the pool with his clothes on – he has had enough! He had already made new friends from the night before – as kids do, so he happily played with them. 
By the end he is the last in the pool, and the stress of the day is behind us.  We love Fiji!

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