Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Perfect Start – Fiji. Staying at the Anchorage Resort

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We have arrived in Fiji.  Instantly the familiar buzz of this airport hits me, and a trio of men playing guitars and singing, greet us in their Bula shirts as we are crooned into customs.

It is steamy, and there is disorder, as people scavenge for their luggage.  This takes a good half hour or more.  Fortunately trolleys are free, but have no brakes, so as you try to add a bag, it takes off and does circles, and dodges away.  Fellow tourists help me - as we have an extra 40 kg of luggage; which includes books, toys, toiletries and clothes for when we reach the poorer remote villages, to give away to them.

Ill prepared touring parents are soon peeling items of clothing off their children, some kids I notice are down to their underwear!  We merge as sheep to security, who then unload our trollies again, and scan our luggage, which is returned to the trolley like a child stacking blocks – I am amazed, but nothing falls, and we have no choice but to be pushed with the flock out the door.  
Welcome to Nadi (pronounced Nandi) Fiji!

We are met by a Fijian friend, who takes us by taxi to our resort.  Anchorage Resort. This is great, as we get to learn from a local the ‘real’ cost of a taxi; none of which have meters, and no-one wears safety belts either.
We are repeat hotel guests, staying at Veisisai (pronounced Vi-say-say), near Vuda Point (pronounced Vunda) close to Lautoka; and have asked for the same suite as last time. As it is past dinnertime, we quickly go to our room, unlock the door, to be welcomed by a very surprised lady in a barely there night-slip!  We soon discover that it seems we have a master room key, which makes me wonder how many also do?

On finding we have a completely different room, we head down to the poolside restaurant.
Our first dinner is on the deck, right on the edge of the beach and pool.  

The food is fabulous, the musicians sing and play some Fijian romance, and the balmy evening breeze is blowing in the palm trees.  
We raise our glasses, and toast our arrival.  
Our adventure has official begun.

Welcome to Fiji!

We recommend the Anchorage Resort.
We have stayed here 2 times.
We were treated with excellent service, and an incredible package deal.
the free massages, island trip, and lobster dinner package is a great value!

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