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What to take on the plane, bus or train etc

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Get yourself a good backpack each with lots of pockets and load up with

Blanket and Pillow
Get a blanket and pillow as soon as you are on the plane, or bring your own.
You can get both of you a blanket and pillow as son as you get on the aircraft – yes they do run out.
If you are cold you will not sleep.

Books and Magazines
Remember something nice to read for yourself!
joke books, a novel, child's reader, magazines, comics,
(Keep to trade or give-away when read)
colouring in books for the child, crossword & puzzle books, school work etc.

Keep hidden or safely tucked away

label each cord and place in a soft zip up bag

Chewing Gum
For flight assent and decent, chew and don’t swallow.
Pop those ears – give your child a few lollies if too young for gum, or a drink.

Clothes including spares
Suitable to arrival temperatures
No point leaving the motherland in a warm turtle neck pullover, only to land in the tropics in a bath of perspiration. Take some spare items.
Dressing in layers or zip off or roll cuff cotton trousers are great for travel.
A spare top and pants is really handy should your child spill food, drink or vomit on you - yes gross!

 Connect Wrist Strap (see child safety)

Drink bottles - roll up / flat
Can fill with aircraft drinks for when you get off
I take 2-3 each.
You can fill up one with water, one with juice, and one with wine for a nice night cap on your arrival.
(not filled from the restroom water tap!)
The flat roll up bottles can be purchased at Big W, House & Garden, or on-line and can vary in price from $3 - $20.
They can be frozen, and pressed flat when not in use, and have a clip to hang off your bag or belt.

Ear phones / plugs (each)
Comfortable for the child and yourself – one set each

Earphone 2-jack
You can both them listen to the same song or watch a movie together
No-one wants to hear your dulcet tones bellowing out, so do remember, you have them on in public.

Electronic Games, DS etc

Face Moisturizer

Feminine hygiene
Tampons or pads

Remember, travel is great for getting your cycle out of sync, so expect the unexpected

First Aid Kit

Medications, Puffers, The Pill etc

Including Panadol, Band-aids, anti nausea and diarrhoea

Food - Snacks

Take sealed packed of snacks.
Sealed cookies, natural sugar lollies, muesli bars etc are sometimes allowed.

Food - Tins
Take a couple of tins of food that can be eaten cold.
My son will eat cold baked beans, tinned fruit etc.
Handy if they don’t like the airline meal.
Or for late arrivals where there is no food at the other end, or you are making connecting transportation.
Kids need to eat every two hours. (Babies need to be fed four hourly).
Also if re-fuelling at airports etc, you may not have that currencies cash to get a small snack or drink.
Last flight they ran out of food – miscalculated, but when you are talking poorer countries, this can easily happen as communication breakdowns occur more frequently.
A starving child is not a happy child.

Hairbrush or comb
Hair tie back (if you have long hair)

iPod or iPad

Jackets & Wraps
Rain jacket or disposable poncho
Cardigan or jacket (non crease – suggest black)
Pashmina (doubles as a blanket)

Journal (each)

Laptop (each)

Lip moisturiser

Lollies / candy
Use with caution – a ‘sugar frenzy’ can be a right pain on a flight for all , including the child – nowhere to go to let off all that energy.

Have enough cash to swap when you arrive for a couple of days living, taxi or bus ride etc. – swap at the Bureau de Change on arrival.
Try to buy a few US$ or the currency of destination at the country prior.
You may find it is not always readily available to access your card or travellers cheques.

Keep that breath fresh – for the sake of your fellow traveller.

Refresher /antiseptic wipes / towels

Sanitizer gel
Best to use on hands after every loo visit.
Alas they do say the exit door handle and average toot is the breeding ground for many a nasty germ

Preferable in summer not to be worn onto the plane, so those pinkies can breathe, and no-one wants to smell cheesy feet!

Pencil case with:
Colouring in pencils, textas, eraser, pencil sharpener, plastic scissors, ruler, small roll sticky tape, glue stick etc
Be aware pencil sharpeners - as the have a blade, and metal scissors may be removed from you permanently at security searches.

Toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss 
Floss doubles as string
Please keep your halitosis to yourself – nothing worse than having a long trip next to a stinker! 

Small movable or interplay
Pack of cards

Travel Sickness Bands
You get 4 of these for about $2.50 including postage when you buy on ebay.
Reusable, washable, One size fit all.
Works by applying pressure on the Nei-kuan acupressure point
Put the button facing downward over the Nei-Kuan point, and press the button for 1-2 minutes.
Must be worn on BOTH wrists, so as you get two sets, perfect for one each.

4 X Travel Sickness Wrist Bands Wristband Anti Nausea

Underwear - spares
Handy for plane delays, breakdowns, and childhood accidents

You take control.
Do not let your children carry their own passport or valuable items.

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