Thursday, May 31, 2012

What to do with the family pets

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Family Pets

This is a tricky one.

You will need to use your judgement about what is right for you.
Hopefully I have - or will.

‘Santa’ had bought us a Maltese X puppy the Christmas before last.  
She had arrived well before the plans for the trip.

We also had a talking budgie, which had flown onto my finger on Valentine’s Day,
so he was called ‘Valentino’.

He used to imitate in budgie screeching exactly how I would call my son’s name.
Scared the living daylights out of me the first time!
I couldn't believe I sounded like that.

So we decided the first to go was the blue budgie bird.

We ended up selling him with an exotic cage at the Garage Sale.  
Sad for us - and could have sold him ten times over on the day.
In the end, he went to a guy born on Valentine’s Day, so seemed to be the right thing.

Much harder is the dog.  
We love her, she is not de-sexed and we always wanted a litter of pups. 
So the new carer is welcome to have a litter, as long as it is to a smallish dog please. 

So we decided we will try to find some-one who will take care of her for the duration of our travel.  Hard I know, as we do not know how long we shall be gone.
They will just have to consider her an 'indian-giving gift'.
Where she is theirs to keep until we (and if we) come back.

But at the end of the day, she is a part of our family for now.  
She belongs to my son, and is not mine to give away. 

So we agreed we need to find some one who will love her, and care for her, and treat her like their own - well at least while we are gone.  

She would be a great companion for an older person.
She has accompanied us to visits in a nursing home of an old lady we know, and she is blind.  
The dog was a hit!  So many oldies wanted a cuddle and a pat!

She doesn’t bark a lot, is toilet trained, micro-chipped, and registered.
I think that means all the hard work is done.

She also loves to dance!  Anytime the music comes on at the end of a movie, she is up on her back legs dancing with us.  She gets quite upset if you leave her out.  So cute.

Gone are the playful puppy disasters you come home to - where she has eaten your back wire screen door, pulled out all your plants, dug holes in your garden, destroy your brush fence, eat your washing and chew your shoes - and I am sure the list goes on.

She is a great guard dog, and will let you know if there is anyone lurking about, or at your door, and actually woke us when there was a fire once out the from of our home. 

We will keep you posted about her – please contact us if you know of anyone who would like to care for her for a year, or three!

She will only be available when we are ready to go, but we do need to plan.

We just want her loved, and she will be a really loyal friend.

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