Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sharing your dream to travel

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Telling others of your plans to go

Once you have decided to go, and you have told your child, work out who is next.

I started ‘hinting’ with ‘maybes’ to a few people. 
Then I spoke to his teacher. 
Then I told a couple of close girlfriends – one who cried!
I also told my family I was selling up and going overseas.
Let me tell you now to expect mixed results.

I loved my sister Glenda's response "Go for it, you deserve it".  Encouragement like this is not always what you will get at the start, but it is a wonderful encouragement.

People want you to plan your next 20 years.  
They will want you to have your child's private education and college fund sorted.  Some of their goals are un-obtainable as a single parent - especially if you are not financially supported by the other parent of your child.  

So think out a few answers to the curly questions that will be shot at you like fire-darts.
What you really need to be sort in your head is the reasons WHY you want to go, WHERE you want to go, WHEN you ant to go, and HOW LONG you want to travel.

Expect opposition.  
NOW is time to get thick skinned!

Little old ladies will tell you it is a shame your kid will grow up dumb. They won’t. 

Others will tell you of children coming back from years of overseas travel, and being so much brighter than their peers, they will skip a grade. 

What your child will learn while they are away, is up to you - and the child. 
Your child needs to firmly grasp they have a responsibility to study when you travel. 
If you practice this and make it part of life before you leave, the transition will be easier.

"The world is going to be my classroom" as my son wisely told me last night.

What you want to remember is you are an adult, and you have made this wise decision after thought, and goal planning.  

You are free to live your life the way you want.  
Your dreams are not others dreams, they are unique to you.

Many who think you are nuts, live in their cottages, with white picket fences, and have 2.2 children!  
They ooze stability. 
You crave adventure. 
They live routine.
You are ready for the next chapter of life.

Now start to spend time with people who motivate and encourage you!
People who believe you can be what you want to be, and do what you want to do.

I was blessed with a mother (God rest her soul), that always reared us to be free to follow any career path we chose, as long as we were happy.  What a woman!

The worst if you are selling your home is that is all you will be asked is "has your house sold yet?"
I wish I had kept that part more of a secret - as it is quite draining to keep replying "not yet".  
But each open inspection is one step closer to a sale, so I tell my son.

Take your time to prepare for your trip, and take your time to tell people.  you may want to keep it a secret for a while - I did!

The end $$ in your hand is very important.
So is the planning, and preparation.
Stick to your plan, and do not be swayed by others persuasions.

If you want to start a new chapter of life, and not keep your home because it is too much work, then don’t.  
If you want to sell your car and buy a new one later when you return, do. 
This is your time.

People love to give advice – like me – but do what is right for you. 

This is your dream.  
This is your adventure. 
Live the life you imagined.