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POSITIVE Reasons to Travel Around the World NOW with your child

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If I had a $ for every negative comment and sceptical remark made about my proposed trip, I would be a rich woman traveling first class!  I am shocked, that one of the toughest obstacles, has been other people's thoughts.  So when Adrian from Australian Caravans suggested I write why I would quit my job and travel, I came up with this - thanks Adrain!

So here are the POSITIVE REASONS!
(in no set order)

* My child's education will be enriched
The world becomes their classroom.
He will see and learn language, culture, money, customs, geography, and so much more.
His education will be enriched far beyond your expectations.
Here he sees a joey feeding from its mother's pouch.

* We will become creative, fit and active
Living without a room full of toys, my child will learn to make their own fun, and become fit and active, as you climb, swim, and walk.  
Our own health will improve beyond measure, as long as we do not sit and become a hog on the 
'All you can eat buffet' on a cruise liner!
I want to show my son the world whilst I am active and young enough to be able to, not sitting and waving him off, whilst he does it alone.  Give me the bike, the hiking shoes, toboggan, or the kayak!

* My child learns the value of money
Nothing can teach a young one about what things are worth, until they see what they cost in other countries.  My boy will also learn to appreciate the little things, when he see others who have joy, and little worldly possessions.

* We love to give
One of the reasons we want to go on our trip is because we want t bless others.
We are Christians, and we love to give.  
We love to share.
And there is joy in giving.  
If everyone shared the riches of this earth, what a different place it would be!
We have been given so much in the western world, and others are born with so little.
It is lovely to help others, and make their lives a little bit better.
These children were given a suitcase of toys to share with their friends by my son.

* We will bond together
'No-one is born with a crystal ball' is one of my favourite sayings.
I know not the days I am to have on this earth, nor the quality of my life.  
The same goes for my son.
Last year 6 friends were diagnosed with cancer. 
My own Mum died of cancer so I know what it is like to lose her.  
A friend this year had her only child killed in an accident.
Time to think and to enjoy the precious days we have together.
Taking time out of this stressful lifestyle we live, will allow us to spend quality time together.
As an older Mum, this is one of the most important ones for me too.

* We work together
Kids love to help.
I love the fact that my son's year one teacher's class motto was
'Teach them so they can do it themselves' - thanks Miss Brinkman!
I have that planted firmly in my memory, and I can't wait for my child to bang in his first tent peg, or to climb his first mountain.  
This will be a trip of many firsts, equipping my boy with great skills.
Gone will be the whinging, as we roll up our sleeves and do it together, as a team.

* Growing up with less fear
Another great reason to take children travelling is they will try new things without a scrap of fear.
My son is so proud he patted a snake!
Here he just jumps up and sings with the band the Fiji National Anthem; again, with no fear.

* New foods to enjoy
When there are wild and exotic foods placed in front of you and there is no other choice and you are hungry - well you eat them.
I am proud that when we were on an island and the lady peeled a mango, my son sat with the kids and loved it. 
I am fortunate that he loves sushi, eats chives straight out of the garden, and will eat most veggies without a fuss.
It may well be myself, who has to be the brave one in this department.
But am proud that he won't be a fussy eater at the end of this time.

* I need a break, and a new start
I have had a very difficult last few years, after a rough relationship, and then raising a child on my own with pretty much no support.
I am worn out.
I need some stress-free time to recharge the batteries, and find the real me again.
I need to refill with love, so I can love again.
What better way than to love my child, and love others, and to have a new start.

* Kids open doors
Often you are told 'no', but when you have a child who needs to urgently go to the toilet (even if it is really you), people say 'yes'.
They will push kids to the front of the crowd.
They will offer your child food to try.
Allow them to the front of the line.
In this photo, this was a closed off display, but because my son asked nicely, the policeman allowed him to pose with him for a shot - it was an old Australia outback jail cell.
We had our bus breakdown on one trip, and my son was not even two.
Within 5 minutes, my boy and I were sitting upstairs in the home of some lovely Indians.
They gave him food, a juice box, played with him and let me use the bathroom.
Everyone else on the coach crossed their legs, and rubbed their bellies for nearly 3 hours.
Yes - kids open doors!

* We will see the world!
I have always travelled.
I was blessed to grow up with a large family of girls.
My parents though not well off took us away every school holidays.
We had an old Comma van, and no seat belts.
We saw a lot of Australia.
We were given the gift of exploring, and travelling.
I do remember those holidays.
The one that is in my mind more than ever, is Dad with is new movie camera rolling, and he made us girls march around an old prison out in the desert from Broken Hill, with our arm on the shoulder of the kid in front.  We drew a crowd. That nutty family!
It is 100oF plus, and we are acting like goons.  
Thanks Dad for the memories!

* Making new life-long friends
I have so many precious friends around the world thanks to my travels.
Not only do you meet people in the place you are in, but you meet others who are fellow travellers from all sorts of places.
Let's face it, you can be in a 5 star resort, and people can be so snobby, you can feel quite alone.
Where-as, you can go to a local village, and sit with them, and make a real friend.
We went to a Sunday School in Fiji, and they asked my 5 year old to teach a song.
We are now friends with people from that experience, as we offered to send them photo's from the day.

*  No more house work
I'm selling the vacuum cleaner at my Garage Sale.

* No more yard work
Wasted so much of my life on maintaining this garden; pulling those weeds, and pruning the rose bushes.  Time to smell the roses without having to own them.

* No more household repairs & maintenance
Every house has them, and they can burn a hole in your pocket.

The more you own, the more you have to fix.
It weighs you down, robs you of time, and money.
Start to de-clutter.  It is liberating!

* No more House Sale Open Inspections
My poor son is over "expections" as he calls them.
Living in a glass house, is no life for a child.

* No mortgage
Can't wait for this one!

* No utility bills
Yes, we will have bills while we travel, but I have paid for running a big house, and it will be good to be free of most of these costs.

* You get to tell your boss where to put their job
Last year, I found myself working for a boss who had their own set of rules.
The boss' eyes were on the score board, and not on the game.
I remember standing outside the street, talking to my friend Jakki on my cell mobile phone, in quite a dilemma.  My boss wanted me to lie on a taped meeting.
And this was not the only time. The first time, I was thrown in the deep end without a clue, and was like scrambling up a rock cliff face bare-handed and trying not to fall.
If I am going to raise my son to be honest, why would I want to lie for this person?
Then one day said boss wanted me to 'use my creativity' on legal forms, and I refused.
Oh the joy I had when I told this boss "NO!"
I then loudly told this person what I thought of their ethics, threw in the job, and left.

* Learn to follow your dreams
My son's #1 dream is to stand on top of the Eiffel Tower.
Mine is to drive the Amalfi Coast of Italy, in a sports car, with some accordion music playing.
Maybe it will be 'When the moon hits the sky like a big pizza pie, that's amore'.  Who knows.
But dreams are the things that keep us alive, ad it is time for living

* Throw away the agenda, and hectic timetable
I tell people life has been like living Groundhog Day.
So it is time to leave all that behind, and to take each day as it comes.
I won't be wearing a watch.
I will only buy tickets to my next destination on an 'as needed' basis.
I can relax, and let go of the must do's.
The best times happen, without planning.
It is time I can count the stars in the sky, and my blessings!

*History comes alive
One of the wonderful things about travelling to ancient cities, is that the bible can come alive.
To walk the streets where the disciples walked.
In Asia to see things thousands of years old.
Really - it doesn't matter if it is 100 or 1000 years old, our kids need to experience and learn from bi-gone days.
What a thrill to share that learning experience together.

* We get time to read books
We both love to read, and how nice to sit under a tree together, engrossed in a fabulous story.

* I want to find love, and happiness
I am surprised I am adding this, but really, it is time to open my life and to be loved again.
They say you find love when you are not looking, but I think love can be found when you are happy, so I seek to be happy.

* If we don't like it, we leave
Part of the great thing about being mobile, is that when you have had enough, you just pack up and move on - hopefully to greener pastures.
I have learned that owning a home makes you stuck.
You can't get up and go.
We have made an agreement that if one of us is unhappy, and really doesn't like a place, we will talk about it, and be prepared to compromise and leave.

* We can enrich others lives, as we are enriched
I am pleased that we can teach others, especially in poor places.
It is lovely to be asked, and needed, and to be able to help - just to be nice!

So I hope this has inspired you to think about some travel.

If you have some great reasons I have missed, please let me know, and I might be able to add them.

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