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Packing - First Aid and Toiletries

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First Aid & Toiletries

Suggest you buy most, as you need them.
Carry a small pack of both first aid and toiletries on planes. 
And first aid in your daypack, and leave the big packs in your luggage or accommodation. 

Anti-bacterial Gel
A must have! 
You can buy 5 handbag size bottles for $2 in clearance stores.

Clothes Pegs
Ideal for sealing chip bags etc suggest 6

Clothes Washing
Liquid or powder clothes wash concentrate
An elastic clothes line that holds the clothes in the twist

First Aid
But I always travel with pain-killers, band-aids, diarrhoea stop, vomit stop, antiseptic cream, stingo wipes, antiseptic wipes, anti-histamines (the drowsy ones aid if you need the child to sleep to remove a sting or splinters – my child will not let you near him with a needle), or they are severely jet-lagged – use only as per instructions), I suggest a good adult and child multi-vitamin, Malaria tablets.

Make-up etc
Lip balm
Moisturizer – non-perfumed
Keep make-up to a minimum – maybe mascara and a lipstick – you won’t wear it, and it melts. 
You may want nail polish, and polish remover.

Nail clippers, tweezers, nail files
All must be packed in your luggage, as must any liquids – be it food or toiletries – all worth taking. 
Sharp objects are not permitted on planes.
Aerosols are not permitted either.

Perfume and Deodorants etc 
Non-aerosol pump or roll on deodorant
Fr the plane you can only use stick deodorant as no liquids allowed.
Steer away from perfume – they just attracts the mosquitoes, but a small sample bottle is handy for a nice dinner.

Tissue packs
Half a dozen packs of purse size Kleenex will never go astray.

Toiletries - General
Toothpaste, toothbrush (battery or non powered), mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, comb, hair ties, tampons or pads, liquid soap, a flannel, shaver, cotton buds, cotton wool balls, cleanser, spray toner, peel off face-mask, moisturiser, earplugs and eye masks (for when there is loud parties at backpackers – have your child sleep with you if using these), small mirror.

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