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Packing - Clothing and Shoes

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Clothes to Pack

Based on us heading to the Tropics first.
All clothes are suggested to be practical in colour.
Remember you will most likely be hand washing.
Also I suggest packing them in clear large zip-lock bags i.e. all t-shirt together. 
Or I recommend and am thrilled with my purchase of
7 Pcs Nikon Lightweight Travel Luggage Packing Organiser Bags by chicclassicli on ebay.
We bought 3 sets from this lovely seller, and labelled them.
You can just un-pack the individual bags into drawers in accommodation.
It also helps your child keep things neat, and is quick t repack.

stretchy & adjustable 
can be used for both people if parent is slim

I recommend 4 = 2flesh, 1 black and 1 strapless - per adult female

Light to mid-weight ideal for on the aeroplane or coach, & can roll in a ball. 
Take 2 per female. Suggest 1 is black.

including a good dress for dinners 
1 or 2 each female

Track style, Zip-up quick dry fleece - 1 each
Waterproof Lightweight with hood in collar – keep in your daypack  - 1 each
Jacket Dressy / good for both day and evening wear, suggest black - 1 each

Pants / Trousers / Jeans
Jeans Denim (jeans dry slow) - 1 pair each
Pants Cargo or zip off pants to shorts - 2 pairs each
Pants Waterproof  Lightweight  – optional - 1 pair each
Pants Lightweight Track sports pants (can double as PJ pants) - 1 pair each
Pants Mid - warm Track sports pants - 1 pair each
Pants ¾ -  2 pairs per female
Pants stretch - for aeroplane – not track style - 1 pair per female
Pants - Black or Cream 1 smart pair for child (consulates etc)
Pants black - non-crease and as breathable as possible - 1 pair per female

Poncho Lightweight disposable 
you tend to re-use – goes over your backpack too - 1 each

Summer - 1 pair each
Winter  (or use track pants) - 1 pair each

see my bedding reference - 1 each
Can use as a makeshift tent with your clothesline, sheet, towel, dress, skirt…

Stretch cotton - 1 each
Can double as a belt or around you head for a sweatband

short sleeve cotton - 2 each
long sleeve cotton shirts – suggest loose and long  - 2 each
(remember to cover shoulders in temples etc)

Cargo shorts - 2 pairs each
Dress shorts - 2 pairs each

mix of and sleeveless t-shirts - 6 each 
styles you can wear alone or under as vests

(no iron fabric) 1 – 2 per female
Black past knee length skirt - 1 per female
This one is stretch t-shirt fabric and doubles as a strapless dress
Ideal for temple and church visits, embassy and visa appointments, funerals, dinners ....

Wrap skirt - 1 per female
Handy for the beach or pool - one resorts require you dressed to go to the bar or café

including sports socks, and hiking socks - 3 to 6 pairs each

Swimmers - Bathers
2 pairs each

Swimming - Rashie Top
Short Sleeve - 1 each 
Long Sleeve - 1 each

if room take more – they are what you wear the most - 5 each

T-shirt tops Long Sleeve
(great when sunburnt) - 3 each

T-shirt - Long
can double as a dress or nightie - 1 per female

3 – 5 pairs each

Warm Long Sleeve - 2 each

Wrist and head sweat-band
my son bought an Aussie flag one $2 – great for hiking - 1 or 2 each

Australian Blue Flag Aussie Wrist Sweat Band - Tennis BDO Sport & Australia Day

Shoes for your journey

I have suggested earlier, to go to a supermarket and get a pack of 5 lightweight shopping bags
(you might want 2 packs). 
They fold up to less than hand size, and are great for packing dirty shoes and knotting at the top.
Remember your feet swell in warm weather.

Hiking with tread and are leather

Dressy shoes for Mum
One pair of semi good, all-season shoes in black for dinners etc. 
Slip-on mid-heel are recommended.
Keep in mind you may have to walk a way in them, so best they are comfy. 
Also avoid wedges or and chunky heels as they take more room in your bag.

Flat slip-ons
For Mum on the plane

With closed in toes, and tread soles for comfort and all day Summer walking

Try not to get white – you look like an American tourist so I have been told, and in some countries USA folk are unfortunately not so well accepted as UK or Aussies 
(no offence intended in this comment).

Jandals flip flops or whatever you want to call them.
Great for communal showers. No-one wants athletes foot!
Get ones that are super squishy on the bottom, and that don’t rub.

Walking shoes
Which are cool, and comfortable, and I don't mean sneakers

Wet shoes
For coral walking
A must have if you do not want to try and walk holding your child as you drag your thongs through the ocean.

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