Thursday, May 31, 2012

Packing - Bedding etc

This site is obsolete
This site is obsolete


Bedding and accessories to pack

Mosquito Net
I can’t stand sleeping under one – but if the mozzies are bad you may have to!
Mozzies do like children’s blood more, so even if you just get one.

Pillows - Inflatable or soft small neck pillows
(No do not steal the ones off the airlines please!)

One each.
Acts as a small sheet
Can use your clothes line and make a sun shelter from a tree too.
Ideal to put down over a dodgy looking mattress.

Shawls - Large lightweight Pashmina
Put these in your airline backpack, as you often need on the bus at the other end of a long flight to act as a blanket.
My son has a ‘boy colour’ one!
We also had a freezing flight that ran out of blankets – I daresay thanks to light-fingered tourists!
Doubles as a nice item to wear when going out.

Sheet sleeping bags
One per person – you can buy satin ones on-line cheaply or make your own.

Sleeping Bags - Ultra small compact zip together
You need 1 X L, and 1 X R to zip together if shaped.
When you are cold you need body warmth – also good if you have a frightened child. 
Make sure you check the warmth rating. 
size - Ours pack up to 20cm long - so compact.

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