Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making an Agenda - Children planning their day

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As soon as you have decided to do your trip, take your child out of school for one day and practice home-schooling them. 

Our first lesson was making an Agenda.

Believe it or not this took hours – in fact most of the day. 
We made a game and teddy was Mum (he was just turned 6 years old), and came up with a list of all the things each person had to do in the morning.
The child has to write this.
We added a column for a picture, and then a clock with the time it had to be done.  
This also helped us to stop morning arguments, and we were early for school after this by ½ hour! 

A treat incentive is given if we are out of the house on time 4 mornings out of 5. 

This also started the training for him to have tasks, like making lunch and packing bags in the morning.
We then repeated this a few weeks after for an evening agenda.

After this is in place a few months, then maybe one weekend you can have the child make a morning and evening travel agenda with pictures (leave off the times). Laminate it.

As a single parent you will have enough to do organising food, meals, travel & accommodation arrangements, emailing and blogging, getting a vehicle ready if you have one along the way etc. 

We also added clocks as part of learning to tell the time to our training.

Your child at an early age can fill water bottles, charge phones, games etc, make and pack lunches in the morning.

Remember - the more you train your child before you go, the easier it will be to have help (without arguments) when you are travelling.

I am very proud of the positive attitude and willingness of my son, especially as he started when he was only six years old to really work as a team towards our goal !

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