Thursday, May 31, 2012

Language Preparation for overseas travel with a child

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Learning to communicate with other cultlures
When travelling, there are so many languages you are exposed to. 
Buy an electronic language translator or download an app. 
Do a bit of research on this. 
The first one I bought was written translation only, and only 6 languages.
Many out there will do over 20 languages, and also talk to you, thus making pronunciation a heck of a lot easier !

Prior to leaving, set aside some time close to when you go for your child and you to learn 20 – 50 words and phrases of the first country you will go to. 
i.e. police, toilet, bank, are a few of necessary ones.

My son’s language teacher at school recommended we ditch the language he was learning at school, and to concentrate and learn together the languages of the country we are in.

15 Language Talking Translator

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