Thursday, May 31, 2012

Join an Airline Club .. or two.

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Qantas Club Singapore lounge area
Qantas Club Singapore bar area
Qantas Club Singapore lounge area

Join the Qantas Club or your own international favourite Airline Club

This works if you will be flying frequently with one airline in particular, or with their partner airlines.

Features include: 
Clean restrooms; nice hot showers; snack food and hot and cold drinks; meals; and alcoholic beverages afternoons and evenings; comfortable chairs to rest; usually a good view of the airport - keeps the kids entertained; magazines & newspapers to read; internet access; priority luggage dispatch; faster check-in with little to no queueing; peace and quiet; late boarding on flights; extra luggage allowance; and sometimes accommodation if you get cancelled flights.

All in all it is worth its $$’s but you need to consider the quantity of flights you will be undertaking.

Also these clubs are a good place to re-charge your electronic games; phones; computer batteries etc., before a long trip.

Please keep your children under control or you will be spoken to.

Ask your travel agent if unsure regarding partner airlines that allow you to use their lounges, 
as you can get caught out in the general area and not permitted in your airline lounge. 

Also if planning on travelling for more than 1 year, it is way cheaper to do two year membership up front.

Qantas Frequent Flyers

If using Qantas, refer to their One World partners.

Want to join for free? 
Head to Woolworth’s Supermarket– join their in-house card Everyday Rewards.  
Not only will you get cheap petrol, you will automatically get Free Qantas Frequent Flyer membership. 
Even children can get a card.

Other Airlines

You may have to join with more than one airline prior to departure, or whilst on your travels.

If you do not get to join until you are on the flight or after, there usually is a time you can redeem your points, but ensure you keep your boarding pass and on-line booking or can provide information from your travel agent.  

Points can be used towards gifts, or flights, but you will have to pay the booking fee and taxes.

My son joined Emirates SkySurfer – they sent him a pack, baggage labels – he felt quite important.
Plus his points reward him with Emirates gets him lego sets.