Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting fit for the trip

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Start going on weekend hikes.
Get fit – I am 50 years old and I really needed this.
I have to keep up with my son.

I have a positive attitude, and a can-do mentality, and that aids in keeping myself trim, and health conscious anyway.

Make your child carry a backpack – even if empty or to share time wearing yours.
See how much water you use.
Check clothing: cargo pants / shorts with pockets, shoes, caps, sunscreen, walking sticks, and mosquito bands, and all you might need.

Get your child used to taking photos of things and you – you as a parent will rarely be in a picture otherwise.
Ask people to take pics of both of you.
Practice photo angles, and finding interesting things.
Pretend to be his teacher and help your child as you find items in nature, and explain distances – turn it into a field trip. 
Take a plastic bag for the muddy dirty clothes, as sometimes you won’t want them in the car at the end of a good hike to a waterfall  - they have dunked themselves under, or a creek they walked in! 

Pack your lunches, and get used to eating cheaply.
See what foods do and don’t work for backpacking – i.e. chocolate melts, and bananas squash!

Then start other physical activities: the more varied the better. 

Never think you are too old, too unfit, or too shy to give it a go !

Keeping fit is one of the great ways to interact with your child for little to no cost.

We loved our tag-along bike - My son would wiggle and try and make me lose control of the steering, and we would laugh and laugh and laugh !

We exercised by kayaking, bike riding, paddle-boating, roller-skating, running, swimming, bowling, and golf just to name a few.

It is a great time to bond and have a laugh together.

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