Thursday, May 31, 2012

Airport Security - practice it first

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When all said and done, your child is your most valuable possession on this trip.

Travelling with a child through a busy airport, with all your possessions, can be a lot to juggle, even with kids who have travelled before.

My child was younger when we last travelled, and we had less possessions with us, and less valuables.

So I got to thinking - the time when things can possibly go wrong could well be at Airport Security.
So time to get it right before the big event.

Grab yourselves a couple of backpacks and stuff them so they have a bit of weight with clothes and books etc, and a couple of cereal boxes that act as laptops.
Visit the airport one middle of the day when it is less busy if this is possible.
Make it a bit of an adventure.

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We will wear your ID bracelets on our trip, so pop them on; a belt on one (or both) your jeans; a pair of boots; possibly a jacket or vest with metal zipper; and things that may beep when going through security.

Ask the Security if they can test your ID bracelets before you walk through, as they can be hard for a child to unclip.

Try to put jackets and anything loose in your backpacks (after you have spoken to security and worked out what might set off the beeps.

Speak to the security staff and tell them what you are doing.
Speak to your child or children, and have a plan in place.  
Count how many things in total go through: i.e. 2 bags, 2 laptops, and a tray of personal effects.

They will not let you walk through with the plastic safety wrist straps in some instances.  
Thus why we have the clip off ones so once through security, you can re-clip.

Note: in some countries I have also had to remove your jewellery and you get a number to collect at the other end.  What are you going to do with your jewellery when you travel?  Plan ahead.

I suggest your child goes ahead of you so they remain in your view, once they have stripped off anything metal.

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Have the child stand next to your laptops (boxes) and back packs and be the guard.  
You come after. 
I was detained last time.  
If this occurs ask a security to stand with your child and possessions.
If security will not stand with your child, you must tell your child not to panic, but to stand guard over all your things.

I personally know someone whose designer belt and shoes, were donned by the man ahead, and he was left with the daggy ones. 
Security never found the man.
The chap I knew was off to a job interview.  
And in a bad mood to boot!

Your items are not safe, so guard them.

Then practice going onto a single toilet cubicle, together, and with your 2 bags. 

Reward your child by a trip on the travelator, or a milkshake; make it a fun outing and watch some planes, then head home.

So have a talk and make a list.
What went wrong?
Could your child manage has own bag?

Next time will be the real thing!  

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